How Groove Talent’s resume parsing and scanning can help your team.

With Groove Talent’s capabilities, candidates don’t have to waste time on manual data entry and are provided the best candidate experience possible. Recruiters can rest easy knowing they are capturing all relevant information from candidates while improving application rates. For HR Directors and Executives, Groove Talent creates a great employer brand attracting the highest quality candidates every time.

What is Resume Parsing?

Parsing a resume or CV just means that Groove Talent’s resume scanning software can extract the information held in documents that a candidate submits regardless of the format they submit them in. Groove Talent’s resume analyzer intelligently stores that information into the the candidate profile’s database, which means errors from manually inputting data are a thing of the past, giving you a clean talent pool to search in.

Highly searchable talent pool

Every word of every resume is parsed and indexed in Groove Talent’s memory to provide you with a highly searchable talent pool. Groove Talent’s resume scanner even parses comments, notes, and interview feedback you can attach to any candidate making your recruiting data even more powerful. Never lose a candidate that was perfect for a job that wasn’t approved yet.

Limitless input options

Smart resume parsing technology supports every imaginable commercial document format for resume parsing: PDF, HTML, DOCX, RTF, OpenOffice, csv, txt, zip, the list goes on and on. Groove Talent’s release cycle ensures that even if a new format catches on your team will be able to accept it. Allowing candidates to submit in whatever format they are comfortable in improves your pipeline and Candidate Experience at the same time.