Thousands of hours a year are spent screening resumes manually. Artificial intelligence for recruiting wants to give you that time back. As CEO of GE, Jack Welch championed HR over any other department, saying on multiple occasions, “HR is the driving force behind what makes a winning team.” So why are we letting our most important department waste hours scanning resumes manually?

  • Advanced searchability
  • More automation
  • Less manual data entry

  • Extend data value
  • Improve efficiency
  • Increase ROI

  • Less manual data entry
  • Accurate resume uploads
  • Expanded hireability


Better search results

Using GrooveTalent results in delivering search results at a much higher speed. E-commerce sites have been able to adapt both its infrastructure and its data structure to support the bulk of concurrent queries performed on its platform.

To build the new e-commerce platform, GrooveTalent was used to support the volume of transactions operated by stores on the platform. Millions of documents were able to be stores and retrieved at a pace up to hundreds of queries per second, resulting in a 6x greater search base support.



Data silos are often a huge problem for retrieving information in public sites. GrooveTalent empowers users across the organization to retrieve all data no matter where it may be stored in a fashionable way. Offering operational excellence in search saves time and increases efficiency in the workforce.


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“Last quarter alone we saved over 80 hours of recruiter productivity. That is time that our recruiters were able to reinvest back into talking with candidates.”

Lydia C., BAOSS

“By bringing the most qualified candidates to the top, our recruiters know who to call first and can invest their time building relationships with strong applicants.”

Hannah Vermont, Top talent recruitment co.

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